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Blue-Print For Success!

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Whether you are a brand new Real Estate Agent, or a Seasoned Professional, we have the RIGHT OPPORTUNITY to either Enhance your Career or else get you started on Building-A-Business of your own! Our Step-By-Step Roadmap practically GUARANTEES YOUR SUCCESS! Select the link below to discover the best option for YOU!

Build-A-Career OR Build-A-Business

Newer Agents : Build-A-Career

If you are new to the Real Estate Business, or looking to radically improve your sales, performance and income, then you have come to the right place! Our unique 'Team-Niche Approach' will help you exponentially grow your business. Essentially here's how we do this:

  • Become A Team Member. All new Agents are paired with a Team Leader. Our Team Leaders are all experienced Realtors® with years and years, and even decades of experience and proven track records. They will be your initial mentor and guide.
  • Team Member

  • Develop A Unique Business/Marketing Plan. Your Team-Leader will help you develop a detailed business/marketing plan to ensure your success and growth, based on tried and tested strategies.
  • Develope A Business Plan

  • All The Necessary Tools. The Company will provide you with all the tools necessary to get you started. These will including an initial supply of Business Cards, a Personalized Website, access to our Relationship Marketing Online System, FMLS and/or GA MLS Membership, and extensive training on our systems and marketing strategies and techniques. These are over and above additional tools that your Team Leader may provide you with.
  • Business Tools

  • Initial Marketing Strategy. Depending on your area of focus and level of experience and commitment, the Company and your Team Leader will assist you with an initial 'kick-off' strategy to get you rolling with business. For Full-Time Agents with Listing Experience for example, this may include a 12-month 'Neighborhood Farming' campaign including neighborhood specific post-cards, door flyers, an e-mail program, a neighborhood specific promotional website, and lot's more .... all calculated to make YOU the 'go-to' Realtor® in that community. For Buyer's Agents, we may develop a unique online lead generation strategy for you focusing to generating qualified leads via social media and through both paid and organic search-engin optimization.
  • Initial Marketing Plan
    Marketing Postcards

  • Help Develop A Unique Market 'Niche' For You. Our focus is on helping Agents build careers from the ground up. We do this both through strong 'Team Leadership', and also through 'Niche Specialization'. A 'Niche Specialist' in real estate is pretty similar to what a 'Specialist' is in the medical field. For example, a Heart Surgeon may earn two, three or even four times more than your average General Doctor. Why is this? Simple supply and demand. While there are hundreds of thousands of General Doctors in the world, there are relatively few Heart Surgeons. Hence as in the medical field, a Niche Specialist in Real Estate can earn two to three times more than your average Agent (for basically the same amount of work). At Team-Niche Realty/Markcorp (and our various divisions) we are all about developing those 'Niche' markets and helping our Agents become 'Niche Specialists'. This coupled to our 'Team Strategy', our 'Recruitment and Rapid Advancement Program' and our other 'Business-Building Strategies', are what sets us apart from our competitors.
  • Develop A 'Niche' To Magnify Your Earnings

    Team-Niche-Realty Brand    Golf-Realty Brand
    Best-Sell-Realty Brand     Atlanta-Realty-Investors Brand

    Multiple 'Niche' Branded Websites

    Become A Niche Expert

  • Recruit And Earn More! But the fun and excitement does not end there. All Team Members are encouraged to actively recruit new members to their teams and in doing so stand to be rewarded three fold. Firstly all our Agents will earn a Lifetime Recruitment Commission on Agents they personally recruit into the Company, provided both they and their recruits remain active with the Company. Secondly, a portion on every sale is allocated towards an 'Infinity Bonus Account'. Funds from this account are paid out 4 times a year to Agents based on their personal recruits' productivity, and the productively of their downline recruits, up to ten levels deep. Yes this may sound a little complicated but it really isn't. Our advanced Management System keeps tracks of all the numbers here and ensures you'll get those juicy quarterly 'Bonus Checks'.
    Lastly, as our ultimate goal is to help YOU start your Own Team, once you become a Team Leader yourself, you'll take with you all but two of your personally recruited Agents (plus their recruited downlines), to your new team. Thus from your third recruit onwards, you'll already be building your own future team, even while still 'learning the ropes' and building your real estate career. How exactly this works is explained more fully in the 'Experienced Agents: Build-A-Business' section below. We suggest that for now however, newer Agents should focus on simply listing and selling property, building their own real estate careers, and once they have this under control, they can start to shifty their focus to recruitment and working towards starting their own team.
  • Lifetime Recruitment Commission
    Join Our Team
    Grow Your Business With Us
    Build Your Own Team

  • Help You Become A Team Leader. As already stated, our ultimate goal is to see as many Team Members succeed in that capacity, and ultimately to move towards becoming a Team Leader themselves with their own Real Estate Team. For some this may happen in a relatively short time, and for others it may take longer. In the meantime time. Team Members will be earning a healthy income and building a solid Real Estate Career. What is important to note here is that advancement to Team Leader is based on clear, predetermined criteria, with no one to hold you back. Becoming a Team Leader, if desired, depends on the individual effort and productivity of each Agent and the Agents they subsequently recruit into the Company.
  • Generous Commission Splits And Bonuses. Our Commission Splits to Agents on Residential Sales range from 70% all the way to up to 85%. These are in addition to 'Lifetime Recruitment Commissions' to the Recruiting Agent, which range from 1% to 5%, as well as Quarterly 'Infinity Bonuses' on your personal recruits' productivity, and the productively of your downline recruits, up to ten levels deep.


Experienced Agents : Build-A-Business

Build A Career And A Business     Build A Career And A Business

If you are an Agent either with an existing Team, or one who has significant experience in Real Estate and looking to start your own Team, then we may be the perfect partner for you, and we'll help you grow your Team and Business exponentially! Here's how we do that ...

  • Become A Team Leader And Grow Your Team Exponentially. One of the greatest fears you as a Team Leader may have, is that some of your Team Members may eventually become so successful, that they 'break-away' from you, taking with them some of your other Team Members, just to start their own Team in direct competition with you! Sound familiar? Well our unique Team Building System actually REWARDS YOU SIGNIFICANTLY for making exactly that happen ... and doing so will actually help you GROW YOUR TEAM EXPONENTIALLY!
  • Exponential Growth Opportunity

  • Our Success Plan And Tracking System Does All The Back-Office Work For You. Let's face it, your skills are most likely in the 'People Department' and that's exactly what we want you, as a Team Leader, to focus on. Recruiting, training, motivating and helping newer Agents become highly successful is how you build your Team. And your Team Members will actually do most of the recruiting for you! All you need do is follow our system and your success as a Team Leader and Business Owner is practically guaranteed!
  • Complete Back-Office Support

  • Why Settle For A Career, When You Can Own A Business? If you have been in real estate long enough, you will know what a grind it is having to start each month with a 'blank sheet'. Being an Agent, is a tough job and there are only so many hours in each day. Hence there is only so much you can do, even with help, between sunrise and sunset. Yet it doesn't have to be that way. Our system will show you how to leverage the labor of others, all the time helping them grow as professionals and achieve results they never dreamed were possible. And helping them to become Team Leaders themselves will pay you the greatest dividend of all! Yes I know it seems impossible, but it is true. What we are offering is quite unlike anything you've ever seen before.
  • Become A Business Owner

  • Generous Team Leader Overriders. In addition to Agent Commissions, Recruitment Overriders and Infinity Bonuses listed in the Team Member section above (which apply to Team Leaders as well),our Team Leader Override Commission Splits on Residential Sales by your Team Members run from 4% to 12%. Once you understand how all these pieces fit together, and the earnings potential being offered, you will never look at the real estate business quite the same again.
  • Generous Overriders

If You've Never Heard Of Us,
Then That's Actually A Good Thing!

What that means is that we are new or relatively new in your area. That's a very good thing for YOU!. You see in life, 'Timing' can be VERY IMPORTANT sometimes, and this is one of those times. This means that you have a GROUND-FLOOR OPPORTUNITY to get in on the BIGGEST Agent-Based Innovation to hit the Real Estate Industry in many decades. So whether you are looking to join a Company that is going to potentially radically boost your career, or one with which you can build and grow your own Team-Based Business, we've got you covered. Your next step is to contact the Agent that referred you to us (or if unreferred by an Agent then contact us directly), and they'll go over the final details of our program with you and get you signed up. We sincerely hope we hear from you!

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